Dr. D Narayana Reddy was the first Medical professional to start an exclusive clinic for the management of Sexual Problems in South India in the year 1982. He overcame many obstacles to firmly establish the specialty of Sexual Medicine. His sustained campaign in promoting the cause of Sexual Health had transformed Sexual Medicine from a taboo specialty to a most sought after one. He has offered Professional help to thousands of persons in the past three decades.

Educational Background

• M.B.B.S. – Stanley (Government) Medical College,
• Ph. D. – University of Madras


• A.A.S.E.C.T. (American Association of Sex Educators Counselors and Therapists) Certified Sex Therapist (Diplomate of Sex Therapy)

• AASECT – Certified Supervisor of Sex Therapy.

• F. I. C. (Fellow – International Council of Sex Education and Parenthood) American University

• I. F. Fellow – International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health

• F.A. C.S. ( Fellow – American College of Sexologists) – San Francisco, U.S.A

• Fellow – Indian Medical Association (IMA) Academy of Medical Specialties. Academic Affiliation

• Certified Supervisor of Sex Therapy – American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists.

• Course coordinator & Faculty – College of General Practitioners, Indian Medical Association.

Official positions in Professional Bodies

• President – Asia Oceania Federation for Sexology (AOFS).
• Chairman Emeritus – Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International (CSEPI).
• Patron – Indian Andropause Society (IAS).
• Associate Editor – Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy.

Clinical Practice Consultant – Sexual Medicine:-


Awards & Orations

• Outstanding Young Person Award (1982-1983) – Madras JAYCEES.
• World Congress Award (1985) – 7th World Congress of Sexology.
• Distinguished Fellow Award (1987) – American University
• Golden Lamp Award (2002) – Council of Sex Education and parenthood International.
• Dr. R.V. Rajam Endowment Oration Award (2004) – Indian Association for the Study of Sexually Transmitted Diseases & AIDS.
• Ramsha – Sirisha Endowment Oration Award (2005) – Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International.
• Dr. J. N. Berry Endowment Oration Award (2005) – Indian Medical Association. – Nagpur
• Lifetime Achievement Gold Medal Award (2007) – World Association for Sexual Health.
• Dr. Rameswari Nallusamy Endowment Oration Award (2010) – Indian Medical Association – Trichy
• Lifetime Achievement Award (2012) – The TamilNadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University
• Lifetime Achievement Award (2013) – Council of Sex Education and Parenthood (International)
• Dr. Navamani Chandrabose Oration Award (2013) – Indian Medical Association – Tamilnadu State Branch
• Science Legend Award (2015) – World Science Congress
• Dr. Patricia Schiller Endowment Oration Award (2016) – American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT)


• Published several Scientific Papers in Medical Journals
• Contributed Chapters in Medical Textbooks
• Authored 18 Books on Sexuality (Two in English and others in Tamil)

Research Surveys

• Conducted surveys on the Sexual behavior of the population at the regional and the National level, periodically. These helped the Family Planning Agencies to fine tune their strategies.
• Conducted surveys to assess the Sexual risk taking behavior of the local population. These helped the AIDS prevention Agencies to fine tune their working strategies.
• Presented a 15 years path breaking Nationwide survey on the Sexual Behavior of Indians at the First Asia Pacific Conference of Sexology in 2004.

Conducted workshops and Training programmes for

• Medical Personnel – Management of Sexual problems.
• Psychology and Sociology Students – Counseling Skills in Sexuality.
• Teachers – Sex education programs.
• Management Executives – Stress. Management programs.
• Offers Counseling through – Satellite Television (Tamil).
• BBC Radio (Tamil).


• Five Vernacular Language Magazines
• Two English Language News papers
• Two Vernacular language News papers
• Three Dot Coms

Other Relevant Information
• Formerly :

• Adjunct Professor– The TamilNadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University.
• Member – Board of Studies (Dept. of Endocrinology), University of Madras.
• Guest Faculty – Annamalai University.
• Member – AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists) International Region Committee.
• Advisory Committee Member – World Association for Sexual Health (WAS).
• Has more than 4500 hours of teaching / training experience in the past 30 years.
• Has been a resource person / faculty member for several C.M.E. programs on Sexual Medicine conducted at over 15 Medical Colleges in the country.
• Delivered guest lectures on “Sexual Medicine – an update” at about 50 branches of the Indian Medical Association.
• Delivered guest lectures on “Human Sexuality, AIDS, Family Planning and Marital Problems” at about 60 Rotary Clubs and 50 Lions Clubs.
• Delivered number of talks on All India Radio. Gave interviews on DOORDARSHAN and other satellite Television Channels on the subject of Human Sexuality.

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