M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition

There is a growing demand for trained post graduates in the field of clinical nutrition and food science for positions in the health care centers, local government, food industries and research and development. Countries all over the world recognize the important role nutrition in improving health and preventing disease and have prioritized nutrition and diet within their national health plans.

The Masters in Clinical Nutrition is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree, in nutrition. Work experience is desired. The exam covers the following,

Lifecycle and Wellness Nutrition
Clinical Nutrition
Diabetic Nutrition Renal Nutrition
Critical Care Nutrition
Sports Nutrition
Weight Loss Nutrition
Maternal and Child Nutrition

There is a growing need for suitable qualified Clinical Nutritionists and in evidence based nutritional practice. The program checks your knowledge in the area of Clinical Nutrition, Medical Nutrition Management, to develop students to become health care professionals for services in various fields of clinical nutrition and related areas such as hospitals, academics, research, industry, community service.

Career Prospects in: