About Us

Royal Medical University is a free, online university, a non-profit degree granting educational corporation in the USA and an online international medical school that aims to become a comprehensive, degree-granting institution offering unprecedented access to medical and allied university degrees, diplomas and a better life for the growing millions of underserved around the globe.

The overall objective of the Royal Medical University medical education program is to instil in students the essential and enduring knowledge, abilities (skills) and behaviors (values, attitudes, dispositions) that will effectively prepare them to enter and complete post-graduate training in the international healthcare environment. At the conclusion of their education, graduates will have a clinical knowledge base appropriate, will be well prepared to provide care to patients in both ambulatory and hospital settings, will be skilled in knowledge acquisition tools required for lifelong learning, will deal professionally with the ethical, legal, and economic realities of twenty-first century medicine and health care delivery systems, , and be able to provide competent and compassionate medical care or pursue other careers such as research.

Another goal of Royal Medical University is to assure students, parents, patients, and society that its medical programs have met the commonly accepted standards for professional education and that they serve the public interest. Our program is designed to satisfy the competency requirements of professional and academic communities internationally.


The degrees are granted directly by RMU under the laws of the USA. The degrees are legitimate and legal, globally. We are an ISO:21001/2018 – Management Systems for Educational Organisations accredited institution.

All our dual degrees / programs comes with certifications that are provided in collaboration with our academic collaborators like IITCUT and QOU, are 100% accredited and worldwide recognized degrees and comes with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestations, of the respective countries. All RMU students are eligible to receive them. Students may opt for the dual programs / double degree programs, if their goal is to receive accredited certifications.

Educational Competencies / Objectives

The objective of Royal Medical University is to help motivated students realize their dream of a higher medical qualification irrespective of their ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds and to prepare medical and allied professionals to practice compassionate primary care of the highest standard. The RMU trained professional shall be an excellent clinician and advocate for public health wherever they practice. We use innovative teaching methods to shape the minds and spirits of our students and to help transform them into compassionate healers of the human body and mind. Our students are trained to pursue their profession with confidence, balanced with humility and compassion.

The Science and Practice of Medicine
The ability to apply scientific principles and knowledge for effective patient care.
Clinical Competence
Use of own learned knowledge, research, and proper technology to treat patients.
The Social Context of Medicine
Understanding of how social, behavioral, and economic factors can influence health and the health care system.
Explaining and sharing information with patients, their families, and fellow team members.
Judging situations in an ethical and critical manner to ensure that the correct steps are taken in each case.
Lifelong Learning
Actively pursue new knowledge even when deep into a career.