You can nominate for any Medical Specialty / Super Specialty.


Once you decide which category/categories you wish to apply for; submit the online Application Form along with the following attachments;

1. Covering Letter & Copies of Professional Evidence and Acheivements

2. Photo

Ensure that your entry includes photographs.


• Showcase your achievements against competitors. A Nomination or Winning an award gives you a Professional boost that lasts forever.

• Certificate to adorn the practice and highlight your success. More patients & better staff will be attracted to an award winners practice.

• Winning or even being nominated validates your efforts and can do wonders to your practice and your team. Enjoy the attention received from patients and other professional colleagues.

• Nominees and winners will be permitted to use the award logo on their website, brochures, posters or any other marketing material.

• Nominees & winners will receive Nationwide exposure through the various papers, journal publications & various website

• RMU will have a section dedicated to the Winners and Nominees on website.

International Best Doctors Award

International Best Doctors Award has been instituted by RMU to recognise the contributions of Healthcare Professionals & Companies towards strengthening the nation's Healthcare Infrastructure.

International Best Doctors Award winners are adjudged to have made significant achievements in making a real difference to patients' lives through their dedication to achieving highest levels of excellence in their offerings. In short, International Best Doctors Award aims at acknowledging success, recognizing contributions, appreciating efforts and celebrating growth of the contributors as the healthcare industry widely remains a major contributor to the economic development of any nation worldwide.

International Best Doctors Award is an exciting platform that offers the participants an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the quality that their brand and services stand for and it is an indicator of the trust that their customers place in their brand.

Judging Criteria The winners are selected by a jury comprised of high-profile Healthcare experts as per the various Awards Categories and Scope and Assessment of the applications filed by various nominees. The applications will be assessed by the Jury and on various parameters including but not limited to Innovations, Benefits to the Society and Contribution to the economic growth of the country.

The Need To encourage and promote excellence in Healthcare Sector with an aim to achieve enhanced commitment to service, client satisfaction, innovation, professional development and community involvement. RMU aims to bring more transparency to the marketplace and identify quality healthcare services. Our aim is to promote the concept of delivering consumer satisfaction through quality products and services.


What is International Best Doctors Award?
International Best Doctors Award have been instituted by RMU to recognise the contributions of Healthcare Professionals & Companies towards strengthening the nation's Healthcare Infrastructure. IBDA may be bestowed upon Top Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals and Healthcare Companies, Public and private undertakings, Government and Semi-Government departments, and even organisations and individual service providers and professionals who have made it BIG in the Healthcare sector.
Who can apply for this award?
Leading doctors specializing in their respective fields, medical professionals, hospitals (Private or Semi- Government), Innovative healthcare start ups who have made it big in their respective fields can apply for this award. All applicants' information & details will be kept strictly confidential as per company regulations.
How many categories can I apply for?
Applicants are eligible to apply for more than one category highlighting clearly the mentioned categories as listed on the website. If a particular applicant is unable to locate his category, he can write down his suggested category which will be taken forward by the management.
How Do I File Nomination?
Please visit our website and fill in your nomination or leave us a message in our contact page and we will send you the nomination form.
Are there any charges for nomination?
No, there are no charges or fees to be paid to RMU for the nomination. However, the winners opting to receive the award certificates needs to pay a service charge to our service providers directly.


Excellence in Anesthesiology Excellence in Anatomy Excellence in Biochemistry Excellence in Cardiology
Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery Excellence in Community Medicine Excellence in Diabetology / Endocrinology Excellence in Dermatology
Excellence in Emergency Medicine Excellence in Gastroenterology Excellence in General Medicine Excellence in Geriatric Medicine
Excellence in Microbiology Excellence in Nephrology Excellence in Neurology Excellence in Neurosurgery
Excellence in Obstetrics and Gynecology Excellence in Oncology Excellence in Ophthalmology Excellence in Orthopedic Surgery
CExcellence in Otorhinolaryngology (E.N.T.) Excellence in Pathology Excellence in Paediatrics Excellence in Pharmocology
Excellence in Physiology Excellence in Plastic Surgery Excellence in Psychiatry Excellence in Public Health
Excellence in Pulmonary Medicine Excellence in Radiology Excellence in Rheumatology Excellence in Surgery
Excellence in Urology Excellence in Forensic Medicine Excellence in Family Medicine Excellence in General Practice
Excellence in Diet and Nutrition Excellence in Dietetics Excellence in Physiotherapy Excellence in Hospital Administration
Excellence in Healthcare Management Excellence in Siddha Medicine Excellence in Ayurveda Medicine Excellence in Naturopathy and Yoga
Excellence in Unani Medicine Excellence in Homeopathy Medicine Rural Medical Service Award Life Time Achievement Award
Medical Entrepreneur of the Year Best Medical Journal of The Year. Best Editor of Medical Journal Emerging Medical Speaker of The Year
Medical Speaker of the Year Young Medical Achiever of the Year Best Academician of Year Outstanding Medico of the Year (Junior)
Outstanding Medico of the Year (Senior) Best Clinician of the Year Medical Talent of the Year Most Promising Dean of Year
Best Interdisciplinary Medico of Year Medico Leadership Award


Special Achievement Award in Medical Science Excellence in Medicine Awards Spirit of Medicine Award for the Selfless Elimination of Human Suffering Statesmanship of the Highest Order in our country
Medical man-cum-Statesman Eminent Medical Person International Award in Medicine Distinguished Service Award
Citation for Distinguished Service RMU Award of Valor Scientific Achievement Award Award for Citizenship and Community Service
RMU's Citation for Service to the Public RMU Award in Medicine RMU Foundation Award for Health Education RMU Award for Leadership in Medical Ethics and Professionalism
Medical Executive Lifetime Achievement Award Medical Executive Meritorious Achievement Award Community Service Award Young at Heart Award
Any Other