All Post Graduate Degrees may be acquired by submitting an original dissertation.



The Doctor of Philosophy is a doctoral research degree awarded for original research carried out in a clinical or health-care related context. To be eligible for the Degree, candidates must be a postgraduate of at least three years’ standing. Autodidactic doctoral degree students at the University carry out their own research, in any branch of medical and allied science, and submit their doctoral dissertation and be granted their doctoral degrees. There is also the option for candidates to submit collected inter-related published works or clinical case studies for the degree.

Doctoral degree students are an integral and valued part of the University’s research student community. They have access to wide-ranging lecture and seminar programmes, plus a College programme of training in transferable and generic skills designed to aid their professional development as independent scientists. Students can take advantage of the full range of University facilities.

Recent Doctoral Degree projects have included:

The Nociceptin system in inflammation and sepsis

Investigating phenotypes of asthma in elite performance athletes

Genetic and radiobiological causes of normal-tissue injuries following breast cancer radiotherapy

Regulation of the endocannabinoid system in early pregnancy

Rapid screening for depression and emotion distress in cancer care: meta-analysis and local implementation

Generation of therapeutic Ang2-binding proteins by directed evolution

Monocyte subsets in heart failure

Pharmacological and stem cell treatment for noise-induced hearing loss.

The outcome of knee arthroplasty surgery in the United Kingdom

Research areas included:

Cardiovascular Sciences

Genetics and Genome Biology

Health Sciences

Respiratory Sciences

Molecular and Cell Biology