His Excellency,
Professor, Dr. CHHUON Chanthan, PhD


IIC University of Technology

Dear Students,

A warm welcome to RMU and IIC University of Technology!

The right academic qualifications are a key component to a future with prospects and choice. With 20 years of expertise as a provider of higher education, Royal Medical University, along with IIC University of Technology (IIC), can set you on the path to a bright and promising career.

All university programs need to be responsive to market economy conditions and a competitive environment; this is something we always bear in mind when developing our curriculum. That is why IIC and RMU are proud to offer our Degree and Diploma. With careful planning and advice, all our new programs are similar in content and standard to those offered in North American, European and Australian universities.

RMU and IIC University of Technology are committed to ensuring that your academic experience is an exceptional one. Thus, in conjunction with teaching, RMU and IIC are deeply committed to research and development. We believe that research and development is the cornerstone of all knowledge. In order to achieve international parity in the quality of our teaching, education and research, RMU and IIC are constantly updating its educational systems. Accordingly, RMU and IIC only employs highly qualified academic staff.

I sincerely encourage all of our students, to take advantage of the diverse programs at RMU and IIC University of Technology in order to experience the richness and excitement of our universities.

I wish all of our students every success.

Dr. CHHUON Chanthan, PhD